According to the Rexer survey R is the analytic software of choice for data scientists, business analysts, and data miners in the corporate world.

Despite R’s popularity, adoption of R has lagged due to a few limitations like:

  • Collaboration & Deployment – R makes sharing work among an analyst team difficult, especially when team members do not have the same level of R knowledge.  Also, using R to integrate predictive outputs into an operational environment can be difficult.
  • User Interface – R does not have a modern graphical user interface, which makes it difficult for those who are not R programmers to use it.
  • Learning curve – R is not easy to learn for everyone. Not everyone is a programmer.
  • Data Complexity – R does not easily connect to databases natively.
  • Output – Production of publish-ready output is difficult.
  • Performance & Scalability – R can very quickly consume all available memory.
  • Enterprise security – The security of the packages that you download is not assured.