About Me

I love analytics… passionate about it…


10 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hello Sir,

    I am Akhil Das. ISM Dhanbad MME 2008 batch. I am also trying to make a career in Analytics. Would like to stay in touch with you. Let me know your email id and contact no.



  2. chiranjit das said:

    Looking to get into data analytics in India after having worked for a startup in USA. (worked as a data engineer). Masters in Statistical Signal Processing. Please any advice will be useful. Looking forward to your suggestions.


  3. Rakesh K said:

    Nice work Thanks Sir.


  4. Garima Jain said:

    Sir you please let me know from where the data is gathered M4_not_cleaned


  5. akhilesh pandey said:


    Hope you are well.

    I was reading through your article on credit score card modelling. I was just wondering how can we include the cost matrix in the logistic model.

    Any helpful advice is welcomed 🙂



  6. HI
    iam prasad
    i need how to describe csv file data into positive and negative and neutral .
    how to extract positive data from csv file
    and from that positive data how we can get similar meaning text in R


  7. Hi Kumar i have issue while implementing the spike slab prior dist and MCMC in R . any relevant easy example of these two are required ?


  8. Hi can you help me connect to a mysql database that has a SSL certificate with R?


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